Knowledgeable Engineering Staff

JJD Engineering StaffJJD’s engineering department is a full service, customer focused technical division. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable in optimizing part design, die design and construction, die casting and gravity casting alloys, process and quality control and the production of high quality parts while maximizing die life.

State-Of-The-Art CAD Systems

JJD does all tool designs, part prints, and 3-D CAD models using Unigraphics. However we can also accept CAD data in C3P Ideas, Catia, DXF, STEP and Parasold formats. JJD utilizes Flow/Solidification software and Thermal Distortion configuration prior to tool builds.

JJD Engineering services includes:

  • Program quality engineers assigned to each customer will follow their customers projects from inception to the production floor.
  • Tooling engineers ensure that the most exacting customer specifications and dimensional criteria are met.
  • Design engineers use the latest CAD technologies to design both product and tooling to the customer’s specifications.

JJD Engineering provides our customers with:

aluminum casting, zinc casting technical design
  • Technical, on-site product design assistance for aluminum and zinc casting.
  • Mold flow process simulation, thermal analysis with the latest 3-D CAD software.
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  • Production tooling built with CNC machines by Audubon Tool, our in-house full capability large tooling facility.
  • Production intent and prototype tooling built in a 3 to 5 week time frame.
  • Production tools are built with premium grade materials, using CNC machines and verified with CMMS prior to initial castings.