Better Timeframes

In today’s competitive global marketplace, your business partners should be meeting your delivery expectations. At JJD, company-wide resources are dedicated to ensure on-time delivery. One of JJD’s goals is to meet your delivery expectations every time.

Preproduction expertise

Few manufacturers and engineers are experts in casting and metallurgy. Manufacturers focused on what happens AFTER your components are produced, not how the part is produced. However, component design has a direct effect on “manufacturability.” JJD has decades of casting and manufacturing that assist in determining the best path for higher quality and lower cost production. JJD will use your design, blueprint, or CAD files and work with your engineers to create a more valuable product.

Just-in-time delivery

Modern manufacturing is a balancing act between late deliveries and insufficient quantities. JJD understands the importance of delivering your components exactly when you need them and in the needed volume to ensure balance.

Fewer inspections

If parts arrive on time, but don’t meet your quality specifications. More time is spent inspecting and spot-checking the parts, adding unwarranted expenses for the component. JJD has experience and a reputation for casting excellence. Allowing the customer to spend less time worrying and more time producing.