Low-Cost Parts

JJD offers manufacturers several opportunities to reduce costs. JJD is versatile, able to manufacture products for a range of industries, from castings for the automotive industry to high voltage electric control components.

Reduce costs through Six Sigma management philosophy

JJD imported the Six Sigma management philosophy in 2008. There are numerous benefits of using Six Sigma as a way to address issues and problems. It helps us with strategic planning and goal setting, team building and employee motivation, and statistical process control (spc). Among the benefits of six sigma is the decrease in defects that are allowed to reach the customer. Experienced production managers understand that number on the invoice is not the actual cost. Defects and time lost due to additional inspections or finishing can add significantly to a project’s total cost. Suppliers for larger manufacturers knows what problems can do to a company’s reputation. JJD has decades of casting experience; we are committed to quality and creating a lower total cost than the “bargain basement” prices that some suppliers offer.

Reduce Costs through Mold Flow Process Simulation

When comparing the time and cost involved in set up and tooling, mold flow process simulation offers greater value. In the case, JJD makes tooling for client’s component in just one time. Tooling making in other companies for the same component required several times.

Lower Human Resources Costs

Human resources continues to climb in its impact on the profitability of your business. JJD’s Chinese location is in an ideal location to service companies around the world.