Quality Assurance

JJD is ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

We strive to maintain that recognition through “Continuous Improvement”

ISO9001 ISO14001

Unsurpassed Quality

JJD make out high quality casting parts through advanced technology. Nowhere is this more evident than in our quality systems which seamlessly combine our ooperators, casting presses, and computer systems.

Standardized work instructions paired with state of the art computerized process failure detection systems ensure unsurpassed quality for our customers.

Quality begins at the press with standardized work:

QaulityIt starts with our manufacturing process in which each step has a uniform cycle time base on the overall cycle time of the casting press. JJD creates a list of every production operation and inspection step necessary to ensure acceptability for each part produced. All production and inspection steps are time studied and divided into work sequences that can be accurately performed within the Overall Cycle Time. Managers or teammates can enter time sudy data and organize the work sequence on-screen. When complete, the illustrated work instructions are printed in a large display and posted in the work cell at each press.

Quality is monitored with State of the art Computerized Process Failure Detection:

JJD has developed an effective and flexible Process Failure Detection System by defining targets and acceptable ranges for every parameter in the die casting process.