Aluminum Gravity Casting

Aluminum Gravity Casting EquipmentJJD is an experienced aluminum gravity casting manufacturer.

Our mission is to provide the aluminum gravity die castings with the highest quality, at a competitive price and with value-added service to our customers. Our aluminum gravity casting products maintain great flexibility in the production and shipping schedule, which enables us to better meet customer demands.

Our aluminum gravity casting products are supplied to wide industries, including the automobile industry, high voltage electric controls, architectural hardware, sports equipment, marine, and mechanical engineering etc. These aluminum gravity casting parts are mostly exported to North American and Europe.

You can customize your aluminum gravity casting parts with different materials and post treatments according to the functional requirements of the casting. Basically, all the common metal mold gravity casting alloys are available with JJD. We also offer succeeding value added services such as heat treatments, surface treatments (including electroplating, powder coating, and painting), assembly, etc.