Machinery & Assembly

Our CNC, NC Machining Division

Die Casting MachineryJJD launched its CNC machining division in 2004 in response to customer requests for finished parts. Since its inception, CNC has progressed from doing basic drill and tap operations to performing high precision machining and assembly work. CNC and NC machining division utilizes a work cell concept that involves high-speed flexible machining equipment and highly trained personnel. All necessary machining and assembly operations are performed so that when a part or subassembly leaves our facility it is ready to install.

Committed to Providing Values

JJD Casting MachineryThe management team at CNC is committed to providing value to the customer through world-class quality. With a mix of state-of-the-art, flexible CNC machines and dedicated, custom equipment, the engineering and production teams are able to customize a process for any application. CNC’s engineering staff works together with customer engineers to improve the manufacturability of each part, which results in higher quality and reduces the overall costs.

Committed to Quality

By following a rigorous Advanced Product Quality Planning process (APQP), CNC develops manufacturing and quality control plants that minimize manufacturing defects. In-process quality checks and poke yokes are used to detect machining or casting defects and prevent them from reaching the customer. In addition each part or assembly is manually inspected for both casting and machining defects prior to packaging for customer shipment.